Connecting Hearts Through Timeless Photography in the Pacific Northwest.

Embracing Life's Authentic Moments

Imagine a sunlit room filled with the narratives of life encased within photo frames, each echoing a tale of love, promise, wonder, and growth. As your photographer, my mission is to capture these authentic moments in their raw, vibrant beauty. Let's plan a day where you feel free to be fully you, because your unique story deserves to shine. Together, we will create a timeless collection that immortalizes the endless joy and love of your family journey.

Translating Moments into Timeless Keepsakes

Illuminating the Canvas of Your Life

My journey from firefighting to photography, has been nothing short of an adventure novel. When the thrill of fighting flames was replaced by a monotonus 9-5 desk job, a passion for photography was ignited in me. Instead of extinguishing fires, I spark creativity, suspend time, and turn fleeting moments into timeless keepsakes. So, let's set sail on this shared adventure. As your photographer, your cheerleader, and your honorary best friend, we'll seize the magic, the laughter, and the love that makes life truly extraordinary. Are you ready to create some magic together?

From Firefighting to Freezing Time: A Tale of Unexpected Twists

Hi, I'm Alycia!

Did we just become best friends?

Nestling comfortably in your favorite homey nooks

Skipping along pristine coastal sands

Romping through enchanting forest trails

Diving into bustling city adventures

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Let's Begin Your Love Story

Kickstart your journey to "I do" with an engagement session that builds a lasting bond. Choose from our flexible packages: Bronze for intimate, unique celebrations; Silver for a comfortable blend of intimacy and grandeur; and Gold for a complete, all-day coverage of your wedding. Still deciding? Let's start with a vibrant engagement session. Let's weave the magic of your love story into timeless memories, together.

Your Journey to Forever

Let's Capture Life's Important Moments

Ready for a dash of magic and a sprinkle of chaos? I’m here to capture your family's heartfelt moments, from everyday smiles to milestone celebrations. Together, we'll build a vibrant tapestry of timeless images that celebrate your unique family story. So, who's up for a fun, authentic photographic adventure?


Embrace the Chaos

The journey of motherhood is nothing short of miraculous, a roller-coaster ride of anticipation, joy, and unfathomable love. As your trusted photographer, I'm here to gracefully capture these fleeting moments, transforming them into timeless treasures. Whether you're marveling at your growing baby bump, cherishing the soft coos of your newborn, or reveling in the beautiful chaos of raising your little ones, I'm dedicated to documenting your unique story. So let's step into this journey together, pausing the hands of time for just a moment, as we immortalize the precious bond between you and your child in stunning, heartfelt images.

Capturing the Heartbeat of Motherhood

Discounts: In Honor of my husband, Chris, who is a paramedic, I am offering First Responder (Fire, Police, EMS, 911 Dispatcher) & Military (Active or Veteran) discounts. You will receive 15% off standard packages, and 10% off wedding packages! 


Alycia is a pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude and endless patience truly made the experience! With a shy toddler and trying to capture pictures, Alycia was so accommodating and knew the best ways to make sure my toddler was comfortable. The pictures came out amazing and it is hard to choose a favorite. We got our pictures so quickly and Alycia always communicated during the whole process. Definitely recommend and cannot wait for our next session.

love notes

love notes

Let's dive in and create heartfelt memories together. 

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